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The Popular Slot machine was originally referred to as the standard vending machines back in the 1880s and were operated by dropping a nickel in the coin slot so that the respective product could be retrieved. Over time the gambling slot machine was invented, and just like the vending machine, it was operated using a coin.


So the major difference between the ancient slot machines and the modern is that bettors can now play popular slots online, and no matter which game you play the basics are pretty much the same, so all you have to do is make a wager, then spin the wheels, and wait for the reels to stop with uniform numbers or symbols to establish if they have won.


Punters who are still new with the popular casino slots or the popular slot machines should be wary of the bonuses that they are offered because to win most of them you will also have to part with a large sum to redeem it. So as you search for the most popular slots ensure to look for bonuses that are attached to low wagering requirements with no maximum cash out requirements. Want to know the most popular slot games to play on Betrivers? Here they are!

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Double Wolf Popular Slot Game

Double wolf gives punters a chance to make huge profits, the 3 reels and 9 paylines popular slot game has been equipped with a timeless bar complete with 7 symbols. The above has been paired with a wolf theme, necessary for determining the huge wins in the popular online slots. So with these popular slots the doubling wilds are usually triggered when either 1 or 2 white wolf symbols appear in a winning combination that features 7s or BARS.


If you are playing the Double wolf popular online slots and one white wolf symbol appears on the winning payline then the line award will be multiplied 2X, and if lady luck is on your side and two white wolfs appear on a winning payline then the line award will be multiplied 4X.


And that’s not all, playing the double wolf popular online slot can pay so handsomely but only if three white wolf symbols appear on payline 9, consequently awarding the top jackpot of 10,000 credits.

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Cash Machine: most popular slot game

Cash machine video slots are one among the most popular slot games that give players many opportunities to make some real cash and withdraw their winnings, and just to prove that it is a popular slot, you have been provided with up to 243 ways of winning. The video slot features 5 reels and does not use the regular payline, meaning that you will receive your payout if you can land three matching symbols or more in any position; but remember that this has to begin from the leftmost reel.


Cash machine popular slots has deviated from the normal characteristics of the online slot games and it, therefore, does not feature the common wild symbols that players are used to interacting with; so, if you plan on playing this popular slots, you can also forget about the mini-game with the highly inflated jackpot. The Cash machine popular online slot, therefore, offers players an autoplay function, multipliers, and scatter icons.

Online Online Slots

88 Fortune: Most Popular Slot Game

88 Fortunes also rank among the popular slot games because it features up to 243 ways to win, so players can be optimistic about winning these popular slots. 88 fortune is an Asian slot game and you can clearly see these themes presented in the online slot video.


The developers of the popular slot games know the importance of using different colors to attract and retain the interest of bettors. The dynamic jackpot slot game is therefore played on five reels and is rather simple to play but dynamic enough to capture your interest thus obliterates boredom.

An interesting feature of this popular online slot game is that it seeks to give punters in the betting landscape a taste of the traditional Chinese culture. So apart from the general Chinese population that will obviously be attracted to these games, other gamers will be presented with traditional Chinese music and the gong symbols that will be falling on the reels.


And if you are still a rookie at the most popular online slot games then this is the right place to start, because the games come with a lot of free spins. And just so you know this game has up to four jackpots, that you can win, which are the Major, Mini, Minor, and Grand, you will also be provided with an opportunity to choose the gold symbols that you want to activate but if you activate just one gold symbol then all the jackpots will be locked.

Cleopatra popular casino slots game

Sometimes the present can get too staple beckoning us to go back down history lane and entertain ourselves with the lifestyle of our ancestors and forefathers; well that is Cleopatra for you. The popular online slot developers are leaving nothing to chance, as they are bringing the very best of history into the contemporary but in a money-making fashion.


Cleopatra popular casino slots will leave many with the desire to conquer the captivating and mysterious landscape of ancient rulers; players are therefore, provided with up to 15 free spin bonuses and are also presented with a chance to win 10,000 times line bet by attaining the 5 Cleopatra bet symbols on a playline.


The popular slot is themed with images of ancient Egypt, and with the provided 20 paylines there can never be too much fun coupled with many chances of winning.

Chili Chili Fire popular slot machines

Don’t expect to find pepper but riches, too many riches have been depicted on the reels, and the pepper ideology that seems to spring up when you hear chili chili has been presented by a happy Mexican hat clad senor, with some rather thick dark mustache complete with red and green chili peppers on his sides.


The popular slot games doesn’t offer so much out of the ordinary and you can, therefore, expect to find some playing cards, the game is characteristic of a beautiful dark haired senorita clad with golden earrings, flower accents, and beads.


Other interesting images included to help create the imagination of where to spend your riches once you earn them are such as the brightly colored guitar typical of a Mexican millionaire, there is also a blue peacock and some dazzling gold treasure all of which will get you fired to bet on the slots.


The chili chili fire popular online slots is not dynamic but ensure that you know what the high paying symbols mean, for example, the chili peppers represent the scatter, and the wild symbol is the sombrero clad gentleman and can replace all the symbols except the scatter.


The high paying symbols in the popular slots are the peacock, the woman, the golden Aztec treasure, and the woman. And just to give you a taste of the winnings, when you spin five treasure symbols you will walk away with $200 and if you spin five ladies then you will bag up to $250.

Siberian storms most popular slots

Siberian storm is symbolic of a white tiger and the reason why it is considered as one of the most popular slots is that it offers players up to 720 different ways to win, in addition to a Multiway Xtra TM wagering. The game is made interesting with the addition of the free spin bonus that ranges between 96 and 240; the game is themed with some of the natures fiercest beasts complete with a hexagonal 5 reel interface.


The popular slot offers gamers the chance to win big and can be played for free or real money.

Triple threat most popular slots

Triple threat is a popular slot machine game that gives players the opportunity of hitting up to 10,000x playing the popular slot game online, there are also other smaller jackpots with up to 1000x and 300x wins. And even better is that you can play the game online without necessarily downloading it to your phone or desktop.


The graphics incorporated in the game have been configured to evoke the classic Vegas popular slot machines and comes complete with gold trim. The game has been designed to completely capture your attention and absorb you into the game, you will, therefore, be presented with a nice jingle when you win and collect your winnings.


The developers have also made it easy for players to enjoy the popular online slot game and you will, therefore, be presented with two types of symbols on the triple threat online slots reels; but for a player to win the jackpot, they must line up at least 7, 77 and 777 symbols. For this game the payout spread is wide and you can, therefore, win up to 70x when you hit three gold 777 icons or win 3x line bet for any 3 bars.


If you plan on playing Triple threat on popular slot machines and gamble with real money then this can be a very lucrative opportunity for you to score some big wins.