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Table Games

Given the history of board games, it would be safe to say that we own nothing, yes, just the new technology that man is having a hard time to keep up with because every other day a new device or software is invented. Board or rather table games date back to the 2nd millennium and have been getting better by the day, as they are recently estimated to be experiencing a 40% growth rate annually.

Familiar with the dice, the small cubes with marked sides (spots ranging from 1 to 6) that when thrown can rest on any of the marked sides, well this is one of the things that we have been adopted right from history, which were available then in the form of carved and painted stones. We must, however, note that back in the day the gaming pieces took many forms, from the carved knucklebones to the turtle shells and sticks.

Currently, the cubed dice seems to have held out the longest and has been adopted in many table games; and with innovations taking root in most industries, the gaming industry has also morphed out of the traditional gaming tables to the online table games. For the enthusiasts, therefore, the weekend game nights can never be complete without the physical casino table games.

Types of online table games

Most table games are a tough nut to crack both online and physical and therefore, call for mental alertness and sharpness, as you need to think of the best strategy that you will implement to win. The below article has, therefore, captured a variety of the online table games that you can choose from.

Poker Table Games- from the movies you can tell that poker is one of the most interesting and witty table games, basically what happens is that a group of poker players will first make a bet, with regards to the cards that they have on hand, then going clockwise, the other players will proceed to raise the bet or fold also depending on their cards and the last person who did not fold their card wins.

However, if there are two people who are card just after the last round then the games go on and here both of them will show their cards, and the winner will be the one with the strongest cards. Beginners who wish to try their hand in the card games need to know that the game has variations, and we, therefore, have about four main types of the casino table games poker.

  • Stud poker table games- here the cards are prearranged and dealt with a combination of face-down and the face-up rounds complete with a round of betting following each of them.
  • Community card poker – this is a type of poker that uses the community cards, the cards are normally dealt face up and in the center of the table where they are shared by all the players. The players then use the cards together with their player cards to make a 5 card hand.
  • Draw poker table game- for this type the players will pick up the cards and hold them in their hands in a concealed manner, and the proceeds a round of betting, and if more than one player remains after the first round then the draw phase will begin, and each player will specify the number of cards that they wish to replace and then discards them.
  • Straight poker card games- in this type of table gaming each player will be dealt with about five cards, and then players will proceed to bet in a single round. A Straight in poker is when a player holds five cards all of which are in a consecutive rank, in which case the aces can either be high or low with the aim of creating a straight, so the ace will either appear at the beginning or the end of the structure.
Table Games

Baccarat table game

Unlike other card games, baccarat table gaming is not dependent on skill, but rather on chance, so here players will be competing with the dealer, so both of you will draw cards and the person with the highest number of points after the last card is drawn, is the winner of the table game.

Baccarat is available both online and physically, and has been known to attract some rather high stakes, and the good thing is that the sites offering players a chance to play baccarat online also allows them to play the online table games for real money. But if you are out to have fun or sharpen your skills then there are many gambling sites that will accommodate you for free.

For a chance to bet on the online casino table games, you can, therefore, join the industry-leading online betting company BertRivers for an interactive table gaming experience.

Roulette table gaming

The Roulette table game we must say is the epitome of table gambling, and the little white bouncing ball can make you feel richer even before you start playing. For someone who has never been to the roulette betting table then the game can seem intimidating at first, but once you get to know the basics then it is the easiest to play. Roulette can, therefore, be played online but mostly by individuals who live in the United States.

And, for as much as betting on the online roulette table game is easy, it calls for a lot of discipline if you are to have any luck at winning. So, before you wager on roulette, ensure that you understand the odds prior to placing your bet, research on the best casinos that you can trust such as Betrives. Be sure that you know your roulette variations, and for the sake of sanity, don’t bet more than you can afford, and be sure to have the roulette variations at your fingertips.

When playing roulette, each spin will have the ball go round the edge of the wheel, and then rest in one of the 37 slots; you can, therefore, place a bet predicting one particular outcome or proceed to place multiple bets on the table game. Punters have varied betting options and can, therefore, bet on any single number, sets of numbers, colors, odds or evens or the combinations of the above.

As the spin comes to a slow the ball will stop on the particular winning number and the bets that have lost will be swept off the board and payouts made.

Online Table Games

Blackjack card games

Blackjack table game does not expose players to competitors, because you are not required to beat the other cards to win. All you need to do is to be closer to 21 than the dealer in the table game. Now, let’s get down to some basics so that when you are playing online it doesn’t seem like gibberish.

When playing blackjack online table game, you can use the Ace as a one or an 11 and the face cards, that all have a value of 10. The standard 52 card deck used in the casino table games comprises of four suits, which are the hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs.

Blackjack has also incorporated a couple of terminologies, in that if you end up with a total of 22 or higher then that’s a bust, but if you end up with the same total as the dealer then it automatically becomes a push. And just so you know blackjack is one of the table games where you have the best odds to beat the house, however, it would be best if you first play a few hands practice to get the actual feel of the game.

Table Games Bets

Faro casino table games

Faro is quite an interesting table game but it was overtaken by poker back in the 1900s, the card game can take in any number of players, and is played with only one deck of cards. We don’t know the kinds of tricks that you are going to employ to win this challenging card game, as you will be required to be very good at guessing and the angel of luck needs to be hovering around you while playing this table game.

To play Faro, therefore, you will have to bet on the cards that you think will enter the winning stack, so what happens is that the specific numbers of the cards will be laid out on the table and all you have to do is place as many bets on the different cards. And if the card that you have bet on is the same as the losing card then you automatically lose the money, but if the losing and the winning cards are of the same numbers then you only lose half at the table game.

Craps Table Games

The online casinos do offer players a wide variety of the craps table games, and it’s all up to you to choose the type of game that you want either the real money online craps table game or the free craps table game. The casinos will provide you with the above games in different versions, and did you know that you have the opportunity of winning more consistently in craps than in most of the online table games.

So what happens is that craps offer some of the lowest house advantages in table gaming when the odds bets are involved. If you take the lowest odds, it will lower the house edge to about 0.85%, complete with a pass line wager. There are possibilities for bettors to win consistently when playing craps, but winning big at craps table gaming is rather tough.

However, punters love playing craps because it is one of the table games with the lowest house advantage, so what they do is that they limit their bets, to pass and come, or don’t pass and don’t come, then take or lay the free odds. The crap bettors, therefore, cut the house edge to below one percent.

Rummy online casino table games

Boasting over 10milliion players around the globe, rummy is among the popular table games in India; in this game when you go online, you will be presented with your most preferred 13 card game in your dashboard and you can battle it out with the best of players anytime that you go online.

The first thing that you would do when playing rummy is that you will form a sequence just as the game starts, mind you without a pure sequence it would be impossible to make a declaration in the table game. You will then proceed to discard the cards with high points, and get the joker or the wild card; the above is so that the point load is reduced when you lose the game.

And if you can, don’t pick from the discard pile in this table game, because it will easily give away the hand that you are busy forming. You will then look out for the smart cards, jokers are important in this table game and you can use them in place of the high-value cards.

So once you are ready to make the declaration proceed to check and re-check your cards, then press the button, while keeping in mind that an invalid declaration can turn a winning game into a loss in this type of table gaming.