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The Blackjack card game is a casino game where players go against the house, well that can be tough, however, there have been some major wins both online and in the tables that made the different types of blackjack games more interesting thus attracted many punters around the globe. Though thrilling, black jack is a crafty and risky gambling game that calls for players to be highly alert, and that is why it is impossible to miss it in almost all the casinos.

Blackjack Rules

Blackjack rules are not very complex as we are about to establish, so as you venture into the game remember that your mission is to beat the dealers hand without necessarily going past 21. So, each of the players will start with two cards but one of the dealer’s cards will not be disclosed until the end of the game. The essence of not going past 21 is because the dealer will automatically win and that is regardless of the dealer’s hand.


Blackjack Rules and Terminology

The terminology used when you go over 21 in blackjack rules is that you bust, and if you ask for another card then that is referred to as to hit, and while playing, if you want to hold your total and end your turn then this move is known as Stand. Remember also that the value of the face cards is 10 and the value of the aces is 1 or 11.

So, how do you get a black jack, well that is pretty simple if you are playing the casino blackjack and you are dealt a 21 right from the start then that is a blackjack, remember the values of Ace and the face cards, that when put together will give you 21 (Ace + 10). Other important terms that you need to master in this game is the split, which is achieved when a player has two similar cards, so they have to be split into two hands.

And remember that as you split, you inadvertently double the bet, because you get the worth of the original bet in every new hand. During the backjack game it is important to note that you can only double or split when making the first move, or the first move of a hand that is created by a split.

Other important rules that you should keep in mind while playing the blackjack game is that it is not allowed to play on two aces after they split, and it is also possible to double on a hand, because of a split, thus tripling or quadrupling your bet; important to remember is that a blackjack win equals 1.5 the amount of your bet, the above is however, dependent on the casino that you have settled with.

Additionally, during the blackjack game doubling is like a hit as only the bet is doubled and the player gets one more card. The dealer is also allowed to hit until his/ her cards total 17 or more.


How to Play Blackjack

Once you master the blackjack rules then playing either the 6 or the 8 deck shoe game shouldn’t be as hard. A shoe in blackjack is the device used in dispensing the playing cards; let us therefore, have a brief look on how to play the 6 deck blackjack shoe game.

So the first step is to purchase the chips, and here your dealer will exchange your money with the casino chips, the latter are what you need to play the blackjack game. So once you get into the casino and have identified the blackjack table, you will proceed to place your money on the felt of the table, the dealer will then lay you money out to the table for the cameras to see the amount that you are playing with and then the pit boss will come and verify.


An important blackjack table tip that you should keep handy is that you cannot and should not hand money to the dealer as it is not allowed for security purposes and neither can you take anything from the dealer. Now that the amount of money that you brought in is known the dealer will count out for you the chip denominations, which will be equal to the amount you brought in and push the chips to you.

Punters can now handle the chips and place their bet, the dealer will then proceed to arrange your buy in on the felt in a manner that the camera can have a clear view of the amount.

The second step now is for the player to place his/her wage, as the game begins you will proceed to place your bet in the betting circle, indicated by either the casino logo or a square and if you check either on the right or the left side you will see a betting sign indicating the limits of the bet. Apart from the $5 per hand there is no standard for the bet amount and the money that you bet on blackjack will vary with regard to the regulatory environment and the casino that you go to.

The third step, the dealer will deal the cards to the players, so once you place your bet the dealer will deal the cards clockwise, so for each player they will receive one card face up and for the dealer, his card will face down. And on the second round, he will deal another one card face for each of the players and one card face up for himself.

Playing Blackjack

In the next step the player will now decide how they play hand in the casino blackjack, this is how it goes, the dealer will begin with the first base (player on the left) who is to play his/her hand. When playing blackjack, you have to note that if the dealer has a blackjack then you have zero chances of winning and your wager is still in place and as you will come to know this stance is called a push.

And if you don’t have a blackjack and the dealer also doesn’t have one, he will point to the players and wait for you to make a decision on how you want to play your hand. The blackjack game therefore, gives you up to five ways with which you can play your hand, but remember that when you turn comes, you will use the relevant hand signals to communicate your decision. Don’t expect the dealer to respond because the cameras also need to see your decision.

How to play a hand in blackjack- if the dealer accepts the first two cards, you have the liberty to stand and he will move on to the next player. The signals that go with this move is either to wave your hand or just put an open palm over the felt.


The hit- players at this point can take more cards to increase their hand total, the dealer will therefore, deal you more cards, until you go over 21 or stand also known as bust. The hand signal that goes with this move is a tap with your finger on the felt, and remember that you are not limited when it comes to the number of cards that you can take, except for exceeding 21.

The Double down- the double down is a tricky black jack strategy because players also have the option of doubling less, the latter is however, highly discourage but don’t expect the casino to stop you from doing it. So what happens is that your hand total might be advantageous but you still need an additional card, you can therefore, double your initial wager, and the deal will give you one card but it will be turned sideways to inform you that you cannot take any additional cards.

The hand signal that will go with the above move is that you will put up a wager that is equal to your original wager, but on the left side of your initial bet after which the dealer will give you an additional card.

The blackjack cards split- if the dealer deals you 2 cards of equal value then you are free to put out a second bet, from which the dealer will proceed to split the cards, after which they will become the first card on two new hands. The cards that you can split are the king and the jack because they have the same value.

The hand sign that goes with the above move is that you will proceed to put up a second wager, which is equal to your first, then show a peace sign meaning that you want a split. The dealer will then proceed to make two hands from your first hand and you will be given a second card on each.

Playing blackjack surrender- this move is very simple, so what you do if your initial hand is not very appealing to you; just give it up in exchange with half of your original bet.


The hand signal for the above is that you will have to draw a line across the felt and that is behind your bet, this might seem like you are cutting the felt with your finger. The best way to go about this is to utter the words surrender and then you can make the signal.

There are numerous blackjack strategies that you can employ when playing blackjack, one of which is the basic strategy meant to help players to take the guesswork when making a decision. The blackjack strategy is therefore, dependent on what the dealer shows you and what you have in your hand, from which you make the choice with regards to the basic strategy.

How to play blackjack player hand resolution- If by any chance you choose to stick with the basic strategy and play your hand with the above options then you can expect one of the three things listed below to happen.

You will stand immediately, meaning that you were given a hand yet the basic strategy indicates that you shouldn’t take any cards. You made a hand meaning that you took more blackjack cards, thus got a hand total of 21 or less and failed to bust. Lastly, your hand is out of play, meaning that you hit your hand one or more times thus busted so you chose to surrender.

Online BlackJack

Types of blackjack

Blackjack remains the most profitable table game but if you can fully understand how to play it. So if you are into playing black jack, you have a variety of options that will definitely excite you, remember that each of the games will test your skills differently. We therefore, have the progressive, classic, European, Atlantic City, live and Vegas strip blackjack among others like the Super Fun 21, the pontoon and blackjack switch.

Blackjack is among the common casino games that cannot fail to have an online presence, meaning that newbie’s can play online blackjack either for free with no signups or for real money. Important to remember is that online blackjack is available in many variations, but the rules rarely change. So what about the blackjack wins?

For something to become popular then there has to be a value attached to it, and for the blackjack wins we can only mention but a few because they are so many. So apparently the blackjack cards are a source of wealth for some of the smart casino players like Kerry Packer, who placed a $250,000 bet and that is per hand and won 20 times successively.

And if you think the above blackjack win was massive check out Ben Affleck who is famous for up to $800,000 of blackjack wins.