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Online casino games are a real fun way to pass time since you can play them at any location and at absolutely anytime. The bonuses offered by the various websites also provide an alternative means of making money and all you have to do is choose the right game to play, bet with an amount that you can afford to lose, and know when to stop.

Introduction to Casino Games

Casino games are available in four categories; first, we have the electronic gaming machines, the random number ticket games, online casino games, and the table games. With the above in mind, it is quite clear that the online casinos offer bettors a new chance to win money every day with new exciting games, and mind you, new games in the online casinos are the order of the day. The above encompasses both the free and real money casino games

For the newbie’s in the industry, we know that mastering all the online casino games is next to impossible and that is why we have prepared a guide that will walk you through some of the free and the real money online casino games complete with their variations, read on.

Casino Games

Roulette casino game

Roulette is a casino game that comes with many variations for example we have the 3D roulette, the multi-ball roulette, the American roulette, and the French and the European roulette among others. Given the use of the roulette today when compared to its actual use during invention the latter is more appreciated, as it contributes to the growth of the economy and also provides job opportunities.

The French physicist wasn’t trying to invent a casino game but rather the perpetual motion wheel, designed to work without necessarily using an energy source. So whether the invention by the physicist was a success is a story for another day.

Playing the roulette casino game is not as hard, and you will first have to choose where to place the bet, either on a single number or the various groupings of numbers. You can also place your bet on the colors casino game either red or black or on the odd and even numbers, or on the high or low numbers.

And if you want to win money in the roulette online casino games, the best way would be to focus on the outside bets, more so if you are a beginner. The outside bets are known to pay at least 1:1 and give you about 50 percent chances of winning the bets that you place.

And if you are still afraid of playing roulette at the table for fear of embarrassing yourself just play the free online roulette, try the new strategies, try the new casinos and play without registration.

Chuck A Luck Casino Game

For this casino game you have to be extremely good at guessing, the game uses three dice, and the bettors will place their bets on the possibility of several outcomes, the three dice are normally placed in a bird’s cage and then they are rolled through a mechanical system or a dealer. Winning the chuck a luck casino games online is dependent on the bets of how many times the waged number is rolled when the dice lands.

The chuck a luck table resembles that of the big six wheel, and the casino game has about four basic bets that are primary to its foundation, the first one being the single number 10-1, the field bet 1 to 1, the over 10, and the under 11. There is a fifth bet that is not common in many betting tables, and here bettors normally pray that the three dice will land on the same number.

Online Casino Games

Crown and Anchor Casino Games Online

Crown and anchor is one of the most rewarding casino games for the bettors, as it is easy to understand and play, the game relies on a classic theme where players are to choose one of six symbols, the diamond, crown, heart, club, spade or anchor. Punters will, therefore, place a bet ranging between $1 and $ 500 on the symbols, now for the games to start; three dice are thrown and are expected to land on one of the 6 symbols.

And, For the Casino game to pay off, at least two dice have to land on your symbol, if the above happens it will pay 2:1 and if it is all the three it will pay 3:1. Players are also allowed to bet on all the six symbols while playing the real money casino games.

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Slots Casino Game

Wonder why so many people love the slots, well because the biggest jackpots tend to happen in this type of casino games. Slot casino games are available in many variations, such as the 3,5 and 7 reel machines, the progressive slots, the classic and single and multiple payline slots. The concept of online slots is not very different from the physical slots because all you have to do is match up the symbols and you win.

However, there is one major difference that makes the online slots unique, which is that the variation of the games tends to be a bit wider and you will, therefore, discover that most of the online slots, offers players more reels, and paylines thus the chances of you winning increase.

Slots also offer players two playing options, one is that they can play with real money or free. The latter means that you can play without any deposit but here the chances of winning big are minimal, you will, therefore, find players orienting themselves with the free slots and at the same time have fun. The real money online slots offer bettors a chance of winning big and you also get a lot of bonuses playing the casino games online.

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Blackjack Online Games

The secret to winning the casino games is to master the rules of the game, and get the terminologies right; for example, when playing the blackjack you will meet terminologies such as Double down, which means double the amount of your bet, + an extra card + stand.

You will also hear someone say surrender when playing the blackjack casino games, meaning that you can surrender half your bet if you think that you will lose your hand. Playing black online might not involve the sounding of different terminologies but it is just as important that you are familiar with the basic rules and process of the game.

Blackjack free online casino game goes something like this, you will first make a bet, and here you can begin even from $1, you will then be given two blackjacks and the dealer will show off one of his cards. You can also add more blackjack cards by clicking on the hit button, or loose if your cards exceed 21.

When you are ready to play the hand you can click on STAND, your dealer will reveal his hidden blackjack to you and if they have a 16 or lower then hitting is mandatory. To win in the online blackjack your combined value of the cards has to be greater when compared to that of the dealer.

Blackjack real money casino games are aligned with rules that are similar and not too difficult to follow and given that it is one of the most popular games in casinos, you can play it at Betrivers and win real money. This then brings us to the next question; do people get rich playing blackjack online? Well, it is not advisable to stick to the casino games as your sole means of making money because if you are not smart enough, it is very possible to run out of cash.

However, some very smart individuals earn their living just by playing blackjack, and just like the physical jobs; you will have to put in a lot of hard work, and determination, not to forget self-control.

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Video Poker Casino Game

Video poker is not restricted to the live casino tables but you can also play it legitimately among other online casino games. The game utilizes a standard 52 card deck so all you have to do is make a wager and then proceed to press the deal button and you will be presented with five cards, you will then tap on the picture of your chosen cards on the screen if you wish to keep the cards.

After you have made your pick you will then press the draw button, so that the machine can randomly replace the discarded cards. If you have ever interacted with some of the casino games online then you must have noticed that video poker is similar to the Five Card Draw.

The essence of playing the casino games it to make money, so the question that we will obviously ask is whether it is possible to win money playing video poker. Well, video poker is one of the online casino games that offer progressive jackpots, however, winning is not always guaranteed unless you employ the best betting strategy.

Remember also that in video poker there are some online games that don’t give players the chance to win, thus you will not be able to come out top in any game.

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Keno Real Money Casino Games

Keno is a unique real money casino game that utilizes about 80 balls, numbered 1 to 80. Players are then expected to choose up to 20 numbers and place a wager on the balls that will be drawn at random on the next game. Keno casino games online have a system of payout that is based on how many numbers the bettor chose are called, the number of matches out of the chosen ones, and the wager.

In essence, is that the more the numbers a player choose right, the more real money will they win, this type of online games are always suspected to be highly unfair, given that the computer can be tweaked to give a specific outcome. So are the Keno casino games fair? Well, that is a valid question that needs a very straight answer, to obliterate the uneasiness that comes with suspecting a downplay from the machine.

So like most casino games, the heart of Keno is a software, a random number generator, meaning that any number that is called, is by random chance. Additionally, Keno is among some of the free casino games, and you can, therefore; play them for free before you bet your real money for profits. As we mentioned earlier, online casino games are highly dependent on strategy and luck.

So, for Keno there are about two strategies that when employed can guarantee you a win, you will, therefore, bet more anytime that you are on a winning streak and bet less whenever, you are losing. Also, player’s odds of winning will reflect the amount of numbers that they choose and catch.

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Online Casino Games FAQ’s

How do I delete my BetRivers Account?

To successfully close your registered online gaming account, the registered account owner will have to contact the player support team through email.

Can I be paid real money by the Casino applications?

Yes, you can be paid real money especially now that the most popular casino games, can be downloaded to mobile devices.