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From Germany’s Pochen to the France’s Poque, to New Orleans poker, the variations of poker from country to country demonstrate this games versatility and popularity. Video poker is another popular form of the game, and you can play it online casinos like BetRivers.

Video poker is as old as the first computers. That’s right, even back in the 1970s, people were playing video poker as a form of entertainment. These games helped the genre proliferate online throughout the world

Physical poker requires a lot of strategy, skill, and a mastery of the game rules. Video poker, on the other hand, is known for its fast pace and thrilling win potential. Keep reading to learn all about online video poker!

How to Play Online Video Poker

Video poker is one of the most popular games at online casinos. You’ll soon see that there are different versions of video poker. Most of them operate using a similar set of rules.

Generally, the digital deck contains the standard 52 cards. You’ll most often receive five starting cards. Then, you can opt to hold or discard any or all your cards. Any cards you decide to discard are replaced in a single random draw. Finally, if your hand now matches any of the qualifying poker hands, you win the prize that corresponds with your wager.

The most common video poker game at online casinos is known as Jacks or Better. In this version, as the name implies, you must have at least a pair of Jacks to win your bet. Anything less than a pair of Jacks has no value, and hands of higher value pay on a predetermined pay scale.

Video Poker

Typical Payouts on Video Poker for Real Money

Here are the most common payouts for a Jacks or Better game. Always double-check the payouts on the specific game before you begin playing. Royal Flush - 250x (with bonuses of 4000x or more when betting max credits) Straight Flush - 50x Four of a Kind - 25xFull House - 6x to 9xFlush - 5x or 6xStraight - 4xThree of a Kind - 3xTwo Pair - 2xPair of Jacks or Better - 1x.

Online Video Poker Variations

There are a fascinating number of video poker variations at online casinos.

Tens or Better online video poker - Tens or Better is a popular video poker game that is similar to Jacks or Better. The difference is that it’s easier to win in Tens or Better because you simply need a pair of 10s or better to receive a payout in Jacks or Better, of course, you need at least a pair of Jacks. Because it’s simpler to receive a winning hand, Tens or Better video poker offers smaller payouts compared to other variants.

Video Poker Deuces Wild - Deuces Wild is another popular video poker variant that employs a standard deck of 52 cards. Here, deuces (2s) are wild, and they substitute for any other card in the deck to help you create a winning hand. Because it’s easier to generate a winning combination, you’ll find that the payouts are a bit lower than with other variants.

Bonus Poker - Bonus Poker is one of the most popular forms of online video poker. One of Bonus Poker’s strengths is that it provides many alternative ways to receive a payout while still utilizing most of the basic strategy that video poker veterans will already understand.

Aces and Faces online video poker - Aces and Faces Video Poker is played with a with a standard deck of 52 cards. You receive five cards in the first hand. Hold as many cards as you like, and then your remaining cards are discarded and replaced with new ones from the playing deck. As the game’s name implies, the payouts emerge from combinations of face cards and aces. There are no wild cards in Aces and Faces.

Joker Poker - Joker Poker, also called Joker Wild, is a Jacks or Better video poker game in which with the Joker is wild. That means you can deploy the Joker to replace any other card to make a winning hand. The presence of the Joker therefore means that you play via a 53-card deck rather than the standard 52 cards that most online video poker games use.

Video poker tips - As you encounter different variations of video poker it’s important to know that each of the variations has specific rules, and the paytables are also a bit modified. Be aware of each game’s specific rules before you play.

Online Video Poker

Video Poker Machines

The video poker machine must display three types of information, including the payout schedule, the numbers of player credits available, the cards that have been dealt previously, and the available wins paid.

Most video poker machines are equipped with a touch screen for ease of play or with buttons, while some have both. The buttons help you choose the number of coins that you wish to bet per play and to select the cards that you want to hold. Another button will instruct the machine to either deal or draw the playing cards.

Video Poker Bets

The Best Video Poker Machine Strategy

Video poker and blackjack are different than slots in that you have the opportunity to make decisions which affect the outcome of the game.

You can find a video poker strategy chart for just about any variant of online video poker. Here’s how a video poker strategy chart works.

You’ll see a list of possible hands. At the top of the list is the best possible hand. You’ll work your way through the list until you see a hand that matches your hand. When you see that hand, you stop and hold those cards.

Most video poker strategy charts place a royal flush as the top hand. If you’re dealt a royal flush, you can certainly expect a good payout.

Video Poker Bonuses

There are only two main types of video poker casino bonuses, the first one being the cashable video poker casino bonus, this type of bonus will be given to you if you can meet the casinos wagering requirements. The second type are the non-cashable video poker casino bonuses with these, you can wager, but you’re not allowed to keep the winnings.

Video poker is one of the most exciting casino games online. Play today and start winning!