How much money is enough! could we say that the desire for money is a classic example of an insatiable appetite or is it greed, if we take a look back at Charles Wells the biggest roulette game-winner back in 1891, we can learn a few things, for one is that playing the roulette is not rocket science and anyone even a crook like wells can do it and become rich overnight.

And for as much as the casino always wins back all the money, if you are smart enough then you can turn the tables. But what about the fact that Wells won huge amounts twice and still went back to committing scams, what do we learn from that, mhhhh that money is never enough. Indeed money is never enough and that is why apart from playing the roulette game in the casinos, you can also play it online and still make profits.

What is the Roulette

Roulette means a little wheel at least according to French, and this little wheel has been a source of riches for many punters since time immemorial and that is why you need to try your luck playing the roulette game. The latter at first might seem challenging especially for the new players, but once you learn how to play, you will realize that the rules are simple and easy to understand.

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Roulette Rules

The Roulette wheel is made of 38 slots but the numbers on the wheel are from 1 to 36, with a single 0 and a double 00, and if you can look closely the numbers alternate in pairs of odd and even numbers. Additionally, you will also notice that the numbers alternate between the black and the red strip, to play the roulette the croupier will spin the wheel in the opposite direction from where he will roll the small ball.

And if you have been in casinos or watched movies with the Roulette wheel, you must have noticed that the balls begin to roll very fast and then slows down skipping into the slots slowly. There is also a table from where the roulette wheel is, which is used to lineup the numbers that don’t feature 0 and 00, and the other parts of the table are dedicated to the varied bets that the games entail.

To successfully play the roulette wheel, you will have to deal with two categories of bets, which are the inside and the outside bets, important to note is that there is no limit to the number of bets that a punter can play.

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Inside Roulette Bets

The Five Number Roulette Bet- the five number roulette bet is pretty simple and if the numbers in this bet come up then you will be paid at least 6:1. The punter will, therefore, be predicting that either 0, 00, 2, 3 or 1 is the number that will come up in the next roll. So if you wish to take this bet then all you have to do is place a chip on the outside line that cuts in between the 0 and 1.

The Split Roulette bets- for this type of roulette bet, a punter will be predicting that one of two numbers that are next to each other on the table will win. The bettor will, therefore, place a chip on the line that separates the two numbers, the pay off for this bet is 17:1 and you only win if the ball lands on one of the numbers.

The roulette corner, square, or four number bet - in this bet the punter will predict that one of four numbers will land on the next round, but for you to win the numbers need to be touching and if you move a chip to the middle of the four numbers then the bet is placed. So if one of the four numbers predicted comes up then you automatically win and worthy of an 8:1 pay.

The straight roulette bets- in this type of roulette bet, the punter predicts that one specific number on the wheel will come up, so all the punter has to do is place a chip on top of the number with which they want to bet and if the number pays off then the pay is 35 to 1.

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Outside Roulette Bets

The Odd Roulette Bet- the odd better is a prediction by the punter that the ball will land on an odd number, so if the next number that comes up is odd then the payoff is 1 to 1. If you, therefore, want to successfully play this bet then you will have to a chip on the box with an odd mark.

Dozen Roulette Bet- this type of bet divides the table into three categories which are 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36. The dozen bet pays 2-1 and to successfully play it, you will have to put the chip in one of the three boxes that have been marked 1st12, 2nd12, or 3rd 12.

The Black Roulette Bet- for this type of bet the punter is predicting that the next number to come up is a black, and if it happens to be so then the bet will pay 1 to 1 or even money. To successfully play this bet you will have to place a chip on the box marked black.

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The High Roulette Bet- the high bet is a prediction that the next number will land between 19 and 36, with a payout of 1 to 1. Playing this type of bet is also pretty easy as you will just place the chip on the box marked high.

You might have noticed that there are some roulette wheels with only one 0 and not the 0 and the 00, the above are two different roulette wheels with the former being the English roulette and the latter the American roulette.

The American roulette wheel features the blue and green units and is believed to reduce the player’s chances of winning by changing the odds of the game. Each of the two wheels have been configured with a consistent house edge to help ensure that the casino makes money. So for the American roulette wheel, the house edge ranges from 2.63% to 7.89% while averaging at 5.26%.

The English wheel, on the other hand, has a lower house edge that ranges from 1.53% to 2.7% and averages at 2.7%. So as a rule of thumb it is always advisable to play the English Roulette wheel as it offers bettors the best odds.

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Online Roulette Game

The roulette wheel has been configured to be accessible through the PC and the laptop, and unlike the physical casinos there are varied types of the roulette games online, and here we are not just talking about the French or American roulette but rather the progressive roulette, the mini roulette tables, and the multiplayer and multi-wheel.

Advantages of Online Roulette

Another advantage with online roulette is that newbie’s don’t necessarily have to play with real money at the beginning, they have been given the opportunity to sharpen their skills and can, therefore, play roulette for free and then when they have mastered the relevant roulette rules and skills, they can now play with real money.

Additionally, there is the option of playing the live dealer online roulette, yes, the live dealer and it will almost feel like you are playing the casino roulette. So what happens is that the casinos run the roulette championship from time to time, and for those who don’t yet have the confidence of playing the physical casino roulette then they can stream live and place their bet.

The real-time online casino also allows punters to win profits and the huge jackpot prizes. When it comes to playing the betting games online there are a lot of concerns on the integrity of the system and if players can play fairly against the house without being compromised by the system. So as a rule of thumb for punters, who want to play roulette online, be sure to settle with casinos that use a reputable gaming software such as the Microgaming or Playtech software?

The above is because the online roulette wheel is extremely different from the physical casino roulette wheel in that it is just an animated digital roulette wheel that is less prone to manipulation in favoring the results of a specific player or to give the house an advantage.

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Roulette Strategies

While playing online roulette may have more pros and cons, it is a must for a punter to have an actionable roulette strategy if they are to realize profits from the roulette game. So the first thing is that the beginner always has to be sober to successfully play roulette, we all know that alcohol can influence our judgment, and consequently, the decisions made that could likely not work to our advantage.

If you stick to a roulette strategy then you can learn to appreciate both the wins and losses from the online roulette game, thus the desire to play tomorrow. Therefore, don’t bet more than you can afford to lose, or better yet have a target bankroll that you stick to no matter what (high losing streak). Additionally, the roulette game is meant to be fun to ensure that you can derive the three primary factors from online roulette (fun, wins, and losses).

If you are new to the roulette landscape you must learn the various board variations of the roulette, remember that there is the American, French and European roulette among others, and ensure that you are conversant with all of them if you are to have a fair advantage over your competitors. For the above just play roulette for free until you master all of them.

And as we mentioned earlier, the varied roulette games have varied odds, that you must understand before you place your bet, and besides, you also need to understand the house advantage within the variations. Punters should not depend on a specific betting system because there is no one size fits all, so the free online roulette and the free play bonuses should help you discover the system that works best for you.

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The roulette Winning Strategy

Online roulette gives players the liberty to play as they wish but within the rules and one of the things that punters can do, which will also work to their advantage is to consolidate their bets. In essence, is that they should reduce the size of their bets and still enjoy the game but now with less at stake. And if you want to reduce your overall losses, ensure that you play the game with a surrender option.

And lastly, we had already established that the European roulette wheel tends to favor the player, so if you get the chance to ensure that you always play the specific wheel. Online roulette comes with fantastic offers, and new punters can try out all the new roulette strategy that they have come up with.