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Why BetRivers? Because we believe that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, Betrivers is the best online casino that will not only have you pocket profits but also offer you a plethora of attractive betting options from the 1X Wager which turns out to be the best bonus requirement in the market. We also run a loyalty reward program and bettors can earn loyalty points on every real money wager, which helps increase their loyalty levels.

Additionally, with the iRush rewards loyalty, program bettors will be exposed to more benefits for the loyalty points that they achieve. Betrivers will also give you the autonomy to manage your bonus bank, you will, therefore, track and manage all your bonus money, and you are free to decide on the amount of bonus money that you want to use and when you want to use it.

The interactive bonus store gives punters the option to purchase rewards just by redeeming the bonus store points that they have earned and mind you the higher your loyalty the more generous are the prizes. Our mission at Betrivers, therefore, is to offer the best online casino experience, with an easy three-step sign up process; for faster registration, you are also provided with two options, first, you can register through your existing Rush rewards account or through your existing Casino 4Fun account.

Online gambling Mobile integration

At Betrivers online casino we strive to ensure that bettors can choose their slots from any location and at any time, and that is why we have configured the application to be discoverable for use in the android wireless computing devices such as the smartphones and tablets. The free online gambling mobile applications are not only easy to access but super intuitive, responsive, and easy to use.

And for a seamless online casino experience, the application updates only focus on the application in your device and are made immediately available to the user. Find and interact with Betrivers on social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Bettors are free to register to play real money casino from any state in the United States but must be physically in PA to wager.

Why Play Casino at Betrivers

Besides doing our best to retain the top position as the best online casino in the industry, we have made it easy for our clients to reach us through a published telephone number if by any chance they experience gambling problems. Given the influx of quacks in the betting industry, we have established that Transparency is the only key to winning your trust and give you a chance to earn profits by playing casino at Betrivers; on our website you will, therefore; find our licensing information, and location.

Online Casino Payment Options

Betrivers accepts payments and deposits over the web to which end it has integrated other relevant applications. And while this may seem like any other application to you, we have gone the extra length to ensure that the integrated applications are easy to use, have incorporated reliable security, are efficient and only work by authorization.

We also work to ensure fast transaction speed for a seamless online casino experience, more so where money is concerned, and in case you didn’t know payments made online are most of the time automatic thus lower labor costs when compared to the manual payment methods.

We have, therefore; integrated up to 9 online gambling payment options which are Visa, Paypal, BetRivers play+, online banking, pay with cash vanilla direct, and AT Casino Cage. So if you had questions about making deposits then you have been provided with enough deposit options meant to accommodate all bettors in the different states.

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Real Money Casino Gambling slots at Betrivers

At Betrivers we have a broad spectrum of online casino slots complete with real money casino games with exciting cash prizes that come with an interestingly high margin thus you can have fun while making profits. And for the more enthusiastic bettors, we have huge online casino jackpot prizes and if it helps, you will be able to see some of our real money casino winners.

So what’s your game, the blackjack, monopoly, Jumanji, or the Witchcraft academy, whatever your style, we’ve got you covered.

Online Gambling promotions

Promotions work in two ways, first by attracting and retaining the interest of bettors and they also work to market the company, for Betrives however, the aim is to ensure that bettors have fun betting and that is why you will be treated to the daily and weekly online casino promotions. The promotions offer fair gambling options in the online casinos to make a profit, so here you have been provided with the iRush Rewards which is also one of the best leading online gambling rewards programs.

There is also the code match, where bettors match their bonuses with code.

Play Casino Sports Betting

A huge percentage of the revenue that the bookies make is derived from the sports bets; this aspect of sports betting is the trickiest for both the bettors and the bookmakers. The Online casino experience in sports betting is quite complex and therefore, requires extensive knowledge of players in the different sports disciplines; both bettors and bookmakers need to comprehensively gather information on the team’s performance in the recent matches before getting into the online casinos.

Betrives being the best online casino, therefore, offers bettors a chance to make profits betting on the varied traditional sports such as Baseball, Rugby, Soccer, Table Tennis, Hockey, Netball, Tennis, Darts, Golf, and Volleyball among others. And while under this online casino betting option punters will be able to track their betting history, their sports bonuses, and even bet on the live streaming games.

BetRives Realtime online casinos customer support

Chat support in play casino

Betrives online casino offers live chat support, which helps them understand the behavior of their visitors and tweak their online gambling services for their customer's benefit, and that is also one of the reasons for integrating their website with the social networking platforms. The online casinos live chat allows the knowledgeable support staff to interact with bettors instantly, and the good thing is that the live chat support is available from 9:30 am to 2 am.

Best online casino help with bonuses

For those who are not in a hurry and have extensive questions that might need help with other support materials then they can use the email support option. So what assistance, can you expect from Betrives support; let’s start with the most sensitive one’s which are the bonuses, here you will get help with the loyalty program concept, you will be guided on how the bonus bank works, bettors who have forgotten to enter the promo code do not need to panic because there is help.

All the above information on bonuses is available in softcopy at Betrives online casino. So, while professionals might have an easy time wagering on the different online casino's sports games, the newbies will have a ton of questions that we are prepared to handle such as what happens when the odds change while placing a bet, how do you wager on golf and others might have problems understanding the jackpot parlay feature.

Well for answers on the above and more, we have compiled up to 9 comprehensive articles to get you onboard for the best online casino experience. We also offer assistance with sensitive issues concerning your account, such as disabling and enabling notifications, the best authentication for your real money casino account, and how you can enable it. You will even be guided on how to change your avatar, we have, therefore, compiled up to 11 articles to answer all your questions concerning your account.

Online Casinos Registration

We are aware of the skepticism surrounding an individual registration to the online casinos and to put your mind at ease, we have compiled up to 15 articles that you can take your ample time and go through them as they will answer most if not all of your questions. Some of the questions that you might want clarification with are the devices that a bettor can deposit on, and whether it costs money to maintain an account among other questions.

Online Casinos mobile phone use

While downloading Betriver's best online casino application might a one-step process, integrating and using it in your mobile device might be tricky. So apart from the 14 articles detailing the ins and outs of mobile users we have also prepared responses for some of the common but tough questions that you might have. For example, we have a detailed response to the issue of location while accessing a gaming site using a mobile phone.

You will also find information about the mobile devices that you can use to access Pennsylvania’s regulated online casinos. Other relevant information that you will find at Betriver's real money casino are extensive guides on geolocation, responsible gaming, withdrawals, and technical concerns among others.

Betrivers Casino experience with rewards

Rewards in betting might seem like a catch to keep you interested, which actually is but it is also a form of appreciating our loyal punters. And for this, we have come up with systems that will ensure the players get exactly what they are due. Remember that we mentioned earlier that for every wager, you attract some loyalty and bonus points.

And besides, there are so many betting companies that you could have signed up with but you chose to remain with Betrivers best online casinos and for that, you might be able to enjoy exciting rewards at the Pittsburgh premier casino destination other goodies are such as the specialized promotions to VIP dinner among other complimentary playing devices.

Real money casino Players will also be provided with an iRush rewards table with a couple of tiers displaying the number of rewards that they need to accumulate before they get a reward and the points that they have currently accumulated. And just so you know there is also a progress bar designed to offer the best casino experience as you track your progress in real-time.

Remember however that the loyalty points have been designed to work on a 60-day rolling period, meaning that all the points will stay with you for 30 days and then they will start to decline, but the good thing is that with the decrease in points during the 60 day rolling period, there will be a replacement with the new points that you earn, so your online casinos loyalty points can reflect your real money wagering activities.


If you have been yearning for the perfect online casino experience then this is your chance, and you can register from any state in the United States. Online gambling is not exactly a walk in the park, and before you start winning, you might have to endure a couple of losing streaks, don’t fret though because we have a published telephone number to assist people with gambling issues and comprehensive articles on your various online casinos' questions and concerns.