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Baseball Betting

While the NFL, basketball, NCA football and basketball, and NHL go into hibernation during the summer months, MLB season rounds the bases when temperatures peak. And thanks to the massive 162-game schedule, online baseball betting offers non-stop action for bettors who can’t get enough of their favorite teams, whether they play in the National or American Leagues. Will the current dead ball era continue to stymie batters at every turn? Or will offensive firepower return in time for the World Series? Either way, our sportsbook is packed with MLB odds and bets of all kinds.

Introduction to Online Baseball Betting

Football might dominate the sports pages these days, but baseball still has widespread appeal throughout the United States. After all, the game is still considered the national pastime. And new baseball leagues continue to expand in different regions, including South Korea and Japan. But when it comes to baseball betting action, most people tend to focus on the most popular events, such as Major League baseball.

Because there are so many games played each season, sportbooks must update their lines every day. That constant activity offers chances for sharp bettors to find extra value in the odds. That’s why some savvy bettors prefer MLB and minor league action over football and basketball whenever possible.

Baseball Betting

Learn How to Bet on Baseball

Home runs, no hitters, and the World Series! Baseball is a classic American sport, and many people prefer baseball betting because the game itself is pretty straightforward.

If you’re new to baseball betting, you may want to start with moneyline betting. Here, you only need to predict the team you think will win the baseball game. If you follow games regularly, you’ll probably have a good idea of which batters are hot and which pitchers are not – giving you a bit of an edge as you place your wagers.

After you’ve have gained some experience with baseball betting, you may want to consider run line bets. This is a unique betting market that is not easy to find in other sports. It is similar to the point spreads common in other games like football and basketball. Sportsbooks commonly posts run lines that range from 1.5-2.5 runs.

If you pick a favored baseball team with a run line of -1.5, it must win by at least two runs for you to win the bet. However, if you choose the underdog, the team simply has to win the game for your bet to payout.

Some sportsbooks also let you take part in baseball betting by choosing run totals. These are bets that are wagered on the total number of runs that you think are likely to be scored by both teams.

No matter which wagering style you choose, carefully researching baseball betting odds may boost your chances to make winning bets.

Online Baseball Betting

Which Sites offer the Best Baseball Betting Odds?

These days, there are a multitude of online sportsbooks offering baseball betting. Not all of them are totally legitimate. Pick a site with good reviews and a valid betting license provided by the proper regulatory agency in your state.

Choose a sportsbook with easy deposit and withdrawal requirements, great sportsbook bonuses, loyalty programs that reward your business, and other perks. Those kinds of benefits can add value to your baseball betting experience.

Also consider sportsbooks that offer mobile betting apps. High-quality apps with easy-to-use interfaces and live streaming mean you can watch baseball games happening around the country and around the world.

Don’t wait! Step up to the plate and take a swing at online baseball betting today.

Baseball Betting Tips

Don't just rely on your gut. Smart baseball bettors evaluate the recent performances of players and teams. Are they on a winning streak or are they stuck in a losing pattern? Also consider the opponent -- some teams have multiple ace pitchers on staff, while others load up on power hitters.

If a particular team has to travel overnight to make it to an early game, the lack of rest can affect their performance. Successful baseball betting requires you to take all these factors and more into account before you wager.

Baseball Betting FAQs

Do I get a bonus when I start betting on baseball? It depends on the sportsbook you choose. Some sportsbooks provide promotions that players can use from time to time. You may or may not need a special code to use the offer.

Can I bet on this game live? Yes. Some sites also offer in-play betting on baseball games.