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Biathlon Betting

The Norse god Ullr was revered by Scandinavians as a ski god and a hunting god. It was partially in reverence to Ullr – as well as a society that’s simply saturated in skiing culture – that the biathlon was born. This multifaceted sport combines the rigors of cross-country skiing and the fine motor skills of rifle shooting. Also called “military patrol,” the biathlon was first introduced as an Olympic sport in 1924. These days, it’s a prime opportunity for avid sports bettors.

Is Online Biathlon Betting for You?

As if regular skiing wasn’t already exciting enough, biathlon races add an additional element of skill in the form of rifle marksmanship. The events come in a variety of formats, such as Individual, Sprint, Super Sprint, Pursuit, Mass start, Relay and Mixed Relay. In the past, competitors used large bore rifles, but since 1978, only small bore firearms are used.

Since 1958, the Biathlon World Championships have taken place in February and March. And starting in 1984, women established their own World Championship event, too. The former Soviet Union holds the record for men’s gold medals, with 10 total. As of 2021, Norway is second, with 9.

Before you bet on biathlon events, you should be aware of the high margins that online sportsbooks take very different approaches to these events. Some provide a lengthy list of biathlon betting options – others offer only a few wagers. Smart bettors may find inflated odds if they hunt for values.

As you look for a trustworthy sportsbook to place your bet, remember than some offer bonuses for first time deposits. Watch out for excessive playthrough requirements that make it nearly impossible for you to make real cash on a bonus. Instead, look for easy and simple bonuses, like those touting 1x playthrough.

Biathlon Betting

How Can You Bet on Biathlon?

Biathlon betting is quite varied since there are different types of races you can bet on. There are private races, sprints, mass starts, relays, and the always-thrilling pursuit races. Familiarize yourself with the rules of each race style before you start looking at biathlon betting lines available at online sportsbooks. Just like other sports, biathlon betting odds may change wildly from sportsbook to sportsbook.

If you are new to biathlon betting, you may want to start by simply trying to predict the winner of the race. Keep in mind that unlike in other sports, these races do not have clear favorites. That’s why biathlon betting odds are generally quite low. Even if you have a eye on a strong competitor, these races are known for their unpredictability, so it pays to know these athletes and their strengths and weaknesses long before you wager. Other than choosing the outright winner, you may also want to predict the participants you think will take the top three positions. In this betting option, the biathlon odds on the favorite are usually set below 1.4.

You can also predict who you think will make the most mistakes (that is, misses) in a biathlon race. You can also try to predict which country will produce the winner. Keeping a close eye on the biathlon betting odds is essential since it can help you make an educated decision instead of simply guessing.

Which Sites Offer Great Biathlon Odds?

For you to successfully engage in this sports betting activity, you have to find excellent odds. One of the recommended sites that most biathlon bettors work with is Unibet. This site has great biathlon betting lines and numerous betting markets that you can pick from. It also gives you a safe environment so that you can engage in biathlon betting without any concerns.

Biathlon Betting Tips for Everyone

Careful statistical analysis will help you place the best biathlon bets. For instance, studying the shooting statistics of participants will give you some insights into their accuracy in various conditions. And because the weather also affects performance, be sure to check the forecast before betting on biathlon competitions.

If, for instance, there is heavy snow, more experienced skiers may benefit, while newer or weaker skiers might struggle to move efficiently, and exhaustion may effect their shooting accuracy.

Biathlon betting is not traditionally a popular activity, that’s one reason why it’s often noted for high margins and low betting limits. And because it’s such a seasonal sport, you’ll usually only be able to bet in the winter months and finally March, when the World Championship takes place. The off-season is a great time to research these athletes so that you can place your biathlon bets when events begin in earnest!

FAQs on biathlon betting

Why do biathlon odds vary in different sites? Odds reflect a bookmaker's opinion on what is likely to occur in an event. Therefore, the odds vary since oddsmakers do not always have the same opinion on likely outcomes.

Can I bet on this sport from a mobile device? Yes. Betting sites give you the convenience of betting on this sport from different devices, including mobile ones.