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The basics

The national football league in America, commonly known as the NFL is a championship that takes place each year. Every football fan out there knows that between September and February, the game is on!

There are 32 teams that are participating from 31 cities in the US. Each city with its own team. The only exception is New York with two teams: The Giants and the Jets. There are two conferences in NFL: The National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference.

When the season ends, two teams, one from each conference play to take home the Super Bowl grand prize, more specifically the Vince Lombardy trophy. This trophy is dedicated to the only man that made the winning of the SuperBowl 5 times in a row – the Greeen Bay Packers Coach – Vince Lombardy.

NFL Betting – NFL Odds

The NFL is a major event that is watched by millions all over the world. And it’s a great way to bet and make money on your favorite sports teams. Of course, there are some things that you need to keep in mind, but one of the most basic things is to truly understand the NFL Odds.

For a new bettor these can be quite confusing. So here is an example to show you how easy it actually is. Let us say that the team you will bet on has 2.4 odds in winning the championship. How is this calculated and how much will you win? Well, assuming that you’d bet 100 USD then you’d get 2.4 x 100 meaning 240 USD. So, simply put, the NFL odds are just multipliers on the bet you make. It’s actually that simple.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is the bettors and bookmaker’s options. So, if the odds in favor of the victorious team are 4.8, it means that many people think that the team that has these odds will win for sure. So, the more likely it is to win, the more the odds are going to be close to 1.

Let’s dig into more explanations regarding the NFL betting strategies in our FAQ!

NFL Betting FAQ

What are the NFL Betting Odds?

When you look at the NFL betting odds, you’ll see that next to each even there is a plus or a minus sign. This tells you how much money you will win (the payout). The plus sign means that the team is not a favorite, and the minus sign means that the team is considered very likely to win.

What is the NFL Point Betting Strategy?

This is a strategy where you make a bet on either the favorite or the underdog. This way you’ll cover the point spread. This means that you bet on how much the favorite team will be better (aka will win) over the weaker team.

What is the NFL Moneyline Betting strategy?

Moneyline betting means that you are placing a bet on whether or not the team will win, but without using the point spread strategy. However, the price is directly related to the point spread. Put simple, the higher the point spread is, then the more money you will need to bet.

What does the NFL Totals Betting Strategy Mean (Over and Under Strategy)?

This means that you are betting on the total of points scored by the teams that play in match. Let us say that the total is 35. In this case, to win the over the match needs to be exactly 35 points or more. To win the under, the match needs to be under 35 points.

What is the NFL Teaser Betting Strategy?

This is a very popular strategy for bettors. Why? Because with it you, as a bettor, can use the point spread to your advantage. You can move up the spread for the underdog, or lower for the favorite team. Why do this? Because you can “tease” and give teams anywhere from 6 to 20 points for each game. So, in order to win, all that you have to do is to bet on two or more games, and all games must win. This means that you can easily cover a lot of games and have a better payout than with other strategies.

What is the NFL Parlay Betting Strategy?

A parlay strategy means that you will bet on 2 or more teams that would offer you a bigger payout than betting on a single team. You can use different strategies, like moneylines, totals, point spreads, but in order to win, each team you placed a bet on must be a winner.

What is the NFL Football Futures Betting strategy?

That is simply put betting on which team will win in the future. A very common example is to win on the team that will win the Super Bowl. And the best thing, is that you can win a lot of money since the odds change as the season progresses. So, you know that if the underdog will take home the SuperBowl and you betted on that team, then you will win huge amounts of money.

What is the NFL Prop Betting Strategy?

This strategy involves betting “yes” or “no” on the props. The props e.g. proposition bets can be anything from betting on players, to games, to season, et cetera. Right now, there are 500 player and game props in the Super Bowl so there is quite a bit of money to be made in prop betting.

Bet on NFL Now!

As you can see from our NFL Betting FAQ there are quite a few options when it comes counting in how many ways you can win with NFL betting. And you should do it, since the NFL is a huge event, and you can truly not only support your team by placing a bet on them, but also, win a lot of money in return.

Since the 1970s the NFL was the most followed sport in the world. Today it is still hugely popular, some would argue that it is more popular than ever!

So, what are you waiting for? Bet on NFL now with Betrivers!