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Betting on Table Tennis in Pennsylvania

Table tennis features competitors frantically smack high-speed spots with remarkable agility. These games feature fast pace, amazing high-eye coordination, and quickly shifting odds. Bettors who can keep up will find profitable markets. At BetRivers Pennsylvania Sportsbook, you’ll find a variety of table tennis betting options sure to keep you busy throughout most of the year.

The rules of table tennis are very straightforward. Each game is played to 11 points and when a game ties at 10-10, a player must win by at least two points to take the game. Table tennis matches are decided by a best of 5 or best of 7 game systems, meaning that the player who first wins 3 or 4 matches is the winner. You can simply bet on the player you think will win, or you can choose from a slate of other betting options, too.

How to Bet On Table Tennis

Check the player’s grips – There are three common grip styles in table tennis, and the grip that players use to control the paddle significantly influences the outcome of the match.

The first type of grip is the deep shake hand grip where the thumb lies on the rubber of the paddle. The advantage of this grip is that total control but sacrifices power and flexibility.

The second grip is the shallow shake grip, in which the thumb rests on the blade. This grip allows the player more wrist flexibility, which allows them to generate more spin on the ball. The player is also able to generate backhand and forehand shots from either side of the table.

Lastly, we have the penhold grip. Due to higher amount of wrist motion, players are able to generate more spin on the forehand. It also adds a lot of versatility on serves. The biggest disadvantage is that players must pivot their feet to achieve a traditional backhand from a forehand position, something you don't have to do as a shake hand player. This requires a lot of foot work muscle memory.

Table Tennis Betting

In short, grip styles offer pros and cons for each player. And when two styles clash, it can mean a distinct advantage for one competitor over another.

Don’t dwell on rankings – Rankings are somewhat helpful. But in table tennis, you may find an inactive but highly ranked athlete playing against an opponent that is steadily rising in the standings. Bettors know that momentum matters and that even great players get rusty with too much downtime.

Search for non-sport-related information -- Table tennis is an individual sport, so psychological and mental aspects have major impacts on match outcomes. Research individual players to understand their motivations before betting on them. This kind of information may be scarce in some instances, but social media may be a goldmine for player tidbits.

Keep the stakes in mind. Table tennis has its own set of major tournaments that players train for years to reach. In these events, top players often have their best performances, and some of the lesser-known players struggle to qualify or really compete.

Be sure to watch the biggest events to understand strategy and also to become familiar with certain competitors. The African Championships, the Asian Championships, and the European Championships are all elite events, and they’ll sharpen your observation and betting skills.

Popular Table Tennis Betting Markets

Total points: over/under – Before the match, the sportsbooks set a predicted total number of points for both players. Bettors then bet on whether the total number of points in the whole match will be over a number or under it.

Total games: over/under – Here, bettors place bets on whether the total number of games in the entire match will be over or under the number specified by the sportsbook.

Player total points – Bettors predict the total points scored by an individual tennis table player.

Live table tennis betting – At BetRivers Pennsylvania Sportsbook, bettors can bet before and during matches. Live betting features constantly shifting odds, and bettors who have a good feel for the game may find excellent values.

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