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Boxing Betting

Boxing betting has been popular for a long time – perhaps starting 5,000 years ago, making it one of the oldest combat sports in human history. And for as long as there have been fights, there have been bettors willing to wager on them.

Fighters wear gloves and strike each other, leveraging their unique fighting styles in hopes of gaining an advantage.

Aggressive boxers may attempt to score a knockout, which means they knock down their opponent, who does not rise to continue the fight. Some matches go distance, meaning both boxers make it to the end of every round. In those cases, judges tally their scores to determine a winner.

You can engage in online boxing betting from various platforms without leaving your home. As long as you have a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, following up on games and boxing betting odds is quite easy.

Boxing Betting

Learn How to Bet on Boxing

You already know that boxing matches are rarer than team sports, so when the fights are finally on the calendar, be ready to place your bets. Some common boxing betting markets include picking the outright winner, total rounds, winning method, and round betting.

Most boxing betting novices simply try to choose the outright winner. It’s easy – just bet on the fighter you think has a high chance of defeating the opponent. In order to make the best boxing bets, it is not enough to know which boxer has the biggest media presence or flashy personality. Each boxer has a set of specific strengths and weaknesses. Some absorb blows better. Others have incredible stamina to withstand long matches. And some wilt under a flurry of jabs to the face. Understanding these key points can help you win your bet.

Don’t get sucked into the media storylines around the event. Because big boxing matches are so rare these days, the hype machine often goes into overdrive in the days leading up to the fight. Pay close attention to each fighter’s individual statistics and their past performances, as well as the circumstances leading up to those old fights. You may derive some insights that help you place intelligent boxing bets instead of just going relying on your instincts.

Which Bookmakers Offer High Boxing Odds?

As you compare different bookmakers that provide boxing betting lines, watch for values that provide better payoffs. And keep in mind that while odds matter, so does choosing the right sportsbook. Look for companies with trustworthy reputations, easy deposits and withdrawals, and solid bonuses that don’t involve complicated playthrough schemes. And remember that a sportsbook is only as good as its customer service – these people will help explain complex bets, help you place your wagers, and offer assistance any time of the night or day.

Boxing Betting Tips for Everyone

The Internet is loaded with bad boxing betting advice. Expert picks may very well help you choose the winners and losers of each match. If you decide to follow someone’s hot tip (called “tailing”) be sure to follow through on your own research, too. By combining an expert’s knowledge with your own, you may well score a big win the next time you bet on boxing.

Because truly high-stake boxing matches are so rare, don’t wait to place your bets. Take full advantage of the fight by placing a variety of bets. Don’t forget about live betting, which allows you to bet as the fight is actually happening. You may see one fighter getting stronger and stronger as the match continues, and if you snag the odds before they shift, you could very well end up with a great value that wins you some serious cash.

FAQs on boxing betting

Is betting on boxing legal in most states? Check your local jurisdiction to be sure. Many states now have online sports betting, including boxing betting.

What is a KO in boxing? This stands for a knockout. When a fighter is knocked out and cannot get up on their feet without being assisted on the count of ten, they lose.

Can a fighter be disqualified from the match? Yes. Though boxing seems to be a rough game, it has some rules that every fighter has to follow. Failure to comply can lead to disqualification.